Shedding Light Into Darkness

By Hannah Sturtecky and Jenny Justus

The closest thing that this group has found to evidence of the afterlife in Miller’s Creek Cemetery is a voice whispering, "that's a fact." It's unexplained incidents such as this one that keeps the group inspired to understand the unexplainable. Ladies Investigative Paranormal Society is searching for what they would call hard evidence, they've gotten some things but still they're looking for evidence rooted in science to prove to themselves that this exists. With every new piece of evidence, the group strives to debunk themselves, because it's never enough to just have a feeling, solid proof is out there and they will find it. They want to prove to themselves and a skeptic that just because they haven’t found confirmation yet doesn’t mean it’s not out there. They're waiting for their 'ah-ha' moment. Every investigation that is inconclusive is just more motivation for them to keep searching.

L.I.P.S. are on a constant quest to find evidence of paranormal activity in order to prove to themselves and skeptics that the supernatural could be a reality.