Finding the Inbetween

Published by VOX Magazine

Ladies Investigative Paranormal Society (LIPS) is an all women's paranormal investigation group. On Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014 they set out for Ravenswood in Bunceton, Missouri.

Ravenswood is a mansion that was built in 1880 for Nadine and Charles Leonard. In the early 1900s the couple passed away, followed by their son, Nathaniel Nelson Leonard who died in the 50s. All three died on the property and today it is lived in and owned by Jamie Leonard, the 6th generation of the family.

Due to various reports of paranormal activity that is said to take place in this home, the LIPS team was invited to investigate.

Apparitions of the deceased were reported, the sound of a record player could be heard throughout the halls despite it having stood uninterrupted for months at a time, brushes and accessories being knocked off tables, and many other strange occurrences have been reported since the death of Nadine and Charles.

Today the house is used for tours, having been marked as a historic place in 1975. This is where the LIPS team spent over 10 hours in an attempt to find proof of supernatural occurrences.

Angela Rutherford, Wendy Vogel, Beth Brown, Niki Carver, Shawn Wallace, Alesia Magruder and Libby Calvin found little proof that night although strange noises could be heard throughout the house.

Although they were not able to capture hard evidence despite their efforts, they hope to go back in spring for another try.