Reading Reaction: Lamott

Lamott – Broccoli, Radio Station KFKD, Jealousy

You need "broccoli" to perform well. Broccoli is our intuition as journalists and is necessary to perform at our best. It's what guides us through our work process and helps us to trust ourselves as we press the shutter on our cameras.

This was interesting to me as Lamott talks about how we learn to ignore our intuition and often lean towards what society has taught us as right. It can often be difficult to stifle the voice we have been trained to listen to and instead understand what our own instinct is telling us. But this is how we become unique as journalists and develop our own style.

It doesn't always mean that these voices are a bad thing. Sometimes we need to listen to these voices to understand what to do and what not to do. Lamott talks about listening to KFKD radio and all the negativity that comes from it. Listening to this can often make you a stronger journalist.

The unnecessary criticism teaches you that you don't have to listen to what society has taught you. You can have your own thoughts and be your own person. Your own judgement as a photojournalist is what's most important. This is what makes you, you. We gain confidence through our own styles and without our basic intuition, this wouldn't be possible.

Although we do not need to blindly follow our own morals when practicing different forms of journalism, it is important to consider it when working on a piece. Sometimes you must separate yourself from your passion and understand the situation on a socially objective level. I agree with this whole-heartedly but it also scares me to think about how much I may be subconsciously stifling my own voice in order to please the larger majority.